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Poplar Tourist Park Rules and Regulations

  • Full payment for your entire stay is required on arrival. 
  • A one night tariff non refundable booking fee is required at the time of reservation. No accommodation fees will be refunded due to early departure. 
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for children in their care within the tourist park and are expected to supervise their behavior at all times. 
  • Park patrons are responsible for children in their care within the Tourist Park and are expected to supervise their behaviour at all times. 
  • Park patrons are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times and cabins, tourist sites are to be clean and tidy. 
  • Children must wear an approved safety helmet when riding bicycles, skateboard, rollerblades, scooters etc and only during daylight hours and not around the amenities, kiosk or reception areas. 
  • The speed limit is walking pace or 8km/h throughout the tourist park. Vehicles must be parked in their allocated sites with one (1) vehicle only per site. 
  • No open fires or fireworks at any time. 
  • Undue noise or offensive language is not permitted at any time. General noise should cease from 10pm until 8am, failure to abide by these rules will result in your removal from the tourist park and without a refund. 
  • Persons found or reported damaging any area of the tourist park will be asked to leave and may be prosecuted. 
  • Pets are permitted on tourist sites only and must be on leash at all times. Owners are responsible for the upkeep and disposal of pet waste. Undue noise will not be permitted. Maximum of 2 dogs only per site.
  • An amenities key is provided for access to the tourist park amenities. ($10 key deposit is required). All children must be accompanied by an adult and children are not allowed to play in the amenities or laundry area. 
  • Washing clothes and utensils is prohibited in the amenities. Private washing machines, dryers and private clothes lines are strictly prohibited. 
  • One (1) tagged and tested 15 amp power lead only is permitted per site. 
  • One (1) water hose only is permitted per site. 
  • Gas bottles must comply with regulations i.e: “in service” or “in test” 
  • Owners/management accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to or theft from cabins, caravans, tents, vehicles and trailers that are left on the tourist park or any damage caused to caravans, cabins or contents whilst being removed in the event of any emergency including flood or any damage to caravans, cabins or contents damaged by flood. 
  • Patrons are required to notify the manager of an injury or accident sustained in the tourist park before your departure. 
  • Allocation of all sites are made by the park management, however, consideration will be given to arrange a site as requested or as near as possible.



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